WWI Roll of Honour

The following men are commemorated on the St. James’ WWI Memorial Cross. Please click on the names to find out a little bit more about them…

Andrews A Dick R Lonnen G G Short W
Bailey W G W Dominey R G Lonnen H H Spicer H C
Barnes A Drover F Marshall G Spicer V W O
Bartlett R Elcock W B F Marshall W J Sque H
Bevan C Fisher A W Mayersbeth W H Starks R
Boatswain W Fisher S T Mayne W C Targett H
Brewer A French E Newman C H Trigell E A C
Brown C Haine H B Newman H A Vivian F
Brown F C Harding F W Parsons J Warwick L C
Burden J Hatten G Potts A G Whale W W
Cameron D Hine F G Read R White H N
Carter C Hine I C Read W J Wooliscroft W
Carter H J Hookey H Reynolds R H Wrenn R G
Cosser A W Kent F E Rodaway A H Young A
Croutcher A Laws F Rowley A Young P C
Daniels R Lockyer R S Saunders W E
Davey C Lonnen F F Shepherd F W

An overview of the men, regarding date/location of death and their regimental details can be found here, which will open in a new window/tab.

A map of the streets in which the men lived is shown below, which will also open up in a separate window/tab.

Map showing where the St. James' Commemorated lived in Pokesdown.

Map showing where the St. James’ Commemorated lived in Pokesdown.

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